Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ist assignment - My Signs

We were asked to design a couple of signs for our first assignment: Make two signs or symbols using a graphics tool of your choice. The first sign should be for your own department or course, the second sign should be for another educational department or course. Here are the two I made.

The first one represents my role at the JISC RSC Scotland and the second my curriculum area before I became involved with technology. I had some ideas for the first one driving home - so didn't have a very systematic approach to the creative process as some of the more professional among us did.

For the second one I did some key word searches in image sites such as Flickr, Google images, MS Clipart online to get some ideas.

I used Photoshop to construct the basic images, some basic shapes tweaked from clipart online which has images you can use without breaching copyright. Actually I forgot how much I like using Photoshop (in a very basic way). I'd downloaded a new app to my iPad so I wanted to have a go at using it and transferred the images to it using Evernote - (a web service that enables you to share stuff between all the electronic devices you have - a great alternative to pen drives). The app I used to apply some effects and filters is called Pixlromatic. You open the image and there is a range of effects you can apply till you get the result you want.

Let me know if you can guess what my signs represent.


  1. Looks like we enjoy similar approaches to work Joan; traveling time is also thinking time for me too and that's exactly where I started.

    I'm going to plump for your role at JISC being associated with e-Tutoring? You chose multiple images to represent your previous curriculum area: a bed/sleeping, alcohol/drinking and food/cooking. Could be a pastoral role perhaps? Or how about PSHE? Or have I just embarrassed myself completely?

  2. I am an eLearning Adviser at the JISC RSC Scotland with a curriculum focus. Previously I taught in the Hospitality dept at Glasgow College of Food Technology now Glasgow City College.