Friday, 13 January 2012

Creating a quick video resource

Thought I'd try out PhotoPeach but had saving errors (not sure if it's to do with the number of images restricted with the free license) - anyway gave up with it but thought I'd put it together with Animoto which I've used before.

The light version is free but if you are in education and have an "" email you can immediately upgrade to the Pro version and get a code which you can share with up to 50 of your students (or other staff). Embed codes are provided so it's a good place to store and stream your videos from which doesn't impact on institutional servers.

It's a great tool for handling images and you can incorporate existing video into it as well. Text is limited but I have incorporated text into images and provided instructions that way. There is a range of copyright free music to choose from which I think really adds value to a video depending on the atmosphere you want to portray (happy, sad, fun, thoughtful).

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