Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Finally joining in with #ocTEL

Well of course had the best of intentions to get started with this last week but as ever life gets in the way. Not sure how well I'll manage to participate but hopefully enough to collaborate and benefit from others interested in technology enhanced learning. I have been involved with let's say online learning since 1999 and after working on a joint e-learning project across 10 colleges in the city of Glasgow began working with Jisc at the Regional Support Centre covering the west of Scotland in 2002. It now supports the whole of Scotland. Prior to that I lectured for 10 years in an FE college in the city. I participated in an NSMOOC (Not So Massive Online Course - maybe around 25 people) this time last year reasonably successfully but failed to engage in a MobiMOOC recently. I'm hopeful that I might be able to achieve more this time and look forward to working with other like minded professionals participating in #ocTEL