Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Personalising e-Assesment

Balancing the need for structure (to ensure performance criteria is met) and learner autonomy is a challenge for institutions. It is argued greater structure undermines the authenticity of postings and can compromise the opportunities for deep learning that Blogs can offer. It can't be denied though that using technology seems to be more attractive to learners than putting pen to paper. Perhaps in the Further Education sector providing structure is an essential ingredient if the attractions of web 2.0 technologies are to be exploited and potential benefits are to be maximised. Ideas for overcoming these barriers to uptake at an institutional level need to be explored.

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  1. I've just watched an archived presentation from the JISC Innovating eLearning 2010 conference (presentations are are now available for public viewing,, by Graham Brown-Martin from Learning Without Frontiers called: Is the future mobile? (Information and links to the recording (via the programme link) can be accessed at:

    I found it a highly thought-provoking presentation and appreciated Graham's thoughts on how we need to 're-boot' education and our concepts of teaching and learning in response to the technologies and ways of working, playing and learning that are available to us now. Of course, this presents challenges, which Graham acknowledged requires some 'big' thinking from Govt and education providers as to how we can incorporate new and disruptive technologies to truly engage learners. He doesn't provide specific answers but there are some interesting over-arching ideas in his presentation about how we should be trying to move forward.